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ANONYME designers was born in a small atelier in Rome, Italy.

Every corner of Rome has a story and every story is an inspiration for our designers. We absorb from our city its way of life, the tradition, the cosmopolitan influences and we translate them into the patterns, prints and details of our collections.

We combine traditional Italian tailoring with international influence into a timeless and unique elegance. Our mission goes beyond designing beautiful collections, it is to make the person who wears them beautiful.

The most sophisticated prints, combined with feminine silhouettes and versatility with an aesthetic sense: this is the criteria of the ANONYME designers vision.

We are designers who prefer anonymity, symbolised by our mask. An anonymity that allows us to do what we do best, namely to create precious collections.

This vision of fashion has been shared by many people, as of today, ANONYME designers is present on three continents, from Japan to North America, in 30 showrooms and more than 1000 premium stores.

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